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November 05, 2021 2 min read

After 3 years old, the baby smoothly enters the preschool period from early childhood, and his desire to express the world is getting stronger and stronger. In addition to learn Language, they also learned to paint by hand, so that the floors and white walls at home are full of their strange and interesting paintings. Many parents feel headaches for this.

So, how can we avoid turning our home into a disaster site while not damaging the baby's creative passion?

Don’t worry, Colorful LCD Writing Tablet, let’s see how amazing it is!


This is a children's product that can learn while playing, and the appearance of the super cute cat is also the reason why many children choose it. We also provide 4 colors options for kids, can choose the favor color. The high-value children's handwriting board is also very meaningful as a gift for children.


In addition to having a cute appearance,we can see these basic configurations.

  • Location of battery replacement: The doodle board comes with battery, and the battery can use about 6 months without charging, and the battery can be replaced if the battery doesnt work.
  • Lock Key:A lock key function is included in the LCD writing tablet, which the kid can keep their artworks on the screen when they place the lock button to lock status.
  • Erase Button:One click can eliminate easily the content of the tablet. Kids can write and draw more than 1000000 times on the drawing pad.
  • Colorful Screen:The LCD writing tablet adapts newest pressure-sensitive technology, and thescreen is colorful that children can create different color lines depends on how hard they push with the stylus, just liking writing with pen.
  • Stylus:A stylus shaped like cat bones, effortless and easy to use it in tablet. Besides, we offer pen clips and stretchy string, no worry about the pen be lost.

Updated Technology

LCD material is used in the doodle board, which is no radiation and no blue light that avoid to harm the children even for a long time use.

The LCD tablet is Portable and Durable. The weight of the 8.5 inch colorful writing tablet is about 150 grams, it is very lightweight and easy to carry. And the writing tablet is made of high-quality plastic with anti-water and anti-fall features on the surface. Don’t need to worry, they will easy to broke.

If children can have a drawing board for learning, drawing and games, they will not only save paper, but also ensure that they will not scribble at home. 

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