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Part I Q&A

Any age. Little ones can draw pictures, older kids can use it in place of scratch paper for math problems, and adults can write shopping lists on.

Better than boogie board..

Doodle pad can write more than 100,000 times and up to six months to over a year. This writing board is pretty good for kids as a learning tool or take note from school.

When writing or drawing on the tablet. The screen will immediately become clean once you press the erase button. Also, It will have two pens and 4 pcs drawing plastic rulers with this drawing pad.

The battery is only used to erase the screen. Writing on the screen and resulting image are mechanical, it doesn't use any power. If you are just using this for notes, the battery will last a year. If a kid is using it and erasing it dozens of times a day, you might need to use the replacement battery within a year.

This product is solid color and the color cannot be changed. If you want the font to be thicker, please increase the intensity of the pen when using. Hope this can help you.

It is also possible to draw with your fingers, but the fingertips cannot exert enough pressure, depending on how strong the child is.

Our writing tablet and pen are sold as a set, but the pen can be replaced with some plastic pen, so you can buy it from other stores.

There is no memory card. Images must be erased to make a new one.

In order to prevent children from eating parts or other accidentally, our battery compartment is secured with small screws, which can only be opened by adults with tools.

You can't save the notes electronically in the cloud. The board cannot be connected to a computer or mobile phone. It's just for drawing on, kind of like fancy piece of paper but without the need to use actual pens or markers.

This desktop has a key erase function. If you want to keep, the lock screen button on the back of the handwritten board can help you.

It can't be used with anything. It has no connectivity or memory card options. This is not a computer peripheral device.

In one of the corners, you'll find a hole diagonally in the frame. I pushed the cord through with a pin, then sent the end of the lanyard through the loop.

This product uses CR2025.

The battery compartment is secured with a screw and it comes with a screwdriver and an extra battery.

Part II Q&A

The color of the screen will not shine like an LED, but if you use lcd writing tablet under strong light, it will become very bright.

It draws in rainbow colors. Depending where you are writing on the screen, determines what color it is. Just like in the picture.

No the back doesn’t have anything on it. The bottom has a lock button feature so while you draw it can not be erased by that silver button on the bottom.

You just need to insert the stylus into the bracket hole of the drawing board and the drawing board can stand up. Please check the product picture.

Yes! It's not just a toy for kids, it's suitable for all age groups. Even an adult can use this e-writing board to do some work. I like it neat and clean, no mess at all. Coming with a stand is so cool. I can put it in the kitchen as a message board to remind my family. We all love it!