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November 25, 2021 2 min read

Thanksgiving is the second most important holiday after Christmas, and many Americans choose to go home on Thanksgiving Day to spend time with their families and children.

In addition to the family reunion to enjoy the food, today we'll share with parents what they can do with their kids on Thanksgiving Day ......

Tell children the origin and story of Thanksgiving

      Parents can read some illustrated stories about Thanksgiving to their children on Thanksgiving Day. Here are also a few Thanksgiving-themed picture books for you.

      Gratitude is My Superpower
      Bear Says Thanks
      How to Catch a Turkey

      Religious families can take their kids to church to pray

        The theme of Thanksgiving is " grateful", and many traditional American families choose to take their children to church on Thanksgiving Day to pray and give thanks to God, and the church will be particularly crowded on this day.

        Bring children to make Thanksgiving dinner

          In besides turkey, there will be some traditional Thanksgiving dishes on the table, such as pumpkin pie, zucchini, creamed onions, mashed potatoes, and so on. Many American families will come together to prepare the Thanksgiving meal and set the table, so you can invite your children to make them together!

          Take your child to see the Thanksgiving Day Parade

            There are special Thanksgiving Day parades in big cities, such as Macy's, which holds an annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade with cartoon giant balloons, colorful floats and marching bands, which is very lively. You can also search the Internet for Thanksgiving Day parades in other small towns in the United States.

            Make Thanksgiving handicrafts together & Write grateful words with a  drawing board

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