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November 22, 2021 3 min read

Did your kids still using the Chalk / Crayon/ Colored pencils drawing picture in house?

At present, in addition to traditional whiteboards and blackboards, there are also types of magnetic drawing boards, water-based canvases or flat panels on the market. This time, I will recommend five popular products. Let's take a look!
The common children's drawing boards on the market can be divided into the following three types:
・The "magnetic drawing board" that uses the traditional principle of magnetic attraction to paint. The special version brush can wipe or graffiti instantly. ( More Drawing Board of )

・The new "Water Canvas", when the water dries, the picture will disappear automatically.
・Common "whiteboard" and "blackboard" styles, use whiteboard markers or chalk to doodle, and then erase them with a special eraser.

Which is better?

Chalk drawing board will produce chalk crumbs which is harmful to children's health. The ink on the whiteboard is not only difficult to clean, but also has toxins. Traditional chalks, crayons and paint make house and kids cloth to be dirtied easily, and these fall into eyes and mouth which cause harm to kids health.

So Magnetic drawing board is a very popular type in the early days, maybe you have used it when you were young! It is still a favorite of many children, and the selection of goods can be said to be very rich. The slim and compact appearance not only saves space for playing, but also is quite convenient to carry. It is very suitable for moving indoors or taking out to play.

It uses the principle that a magnetic needle and magnetic powder attract, and you can see the effect of graffiti as long as you swipe it lightly, which is very easy for children who are not very good at mastering the force. In addition, since there is no need to add ink or paint to paint, there is no problem of accidental ingestion. What should I do if the drawing board is fully painted? It's very simple. As long as you push the slider to the left and right, the graffiti will be automatically removed, which is very suitable for children to play on their own.

Then, we will introduce five popular children's drawing boards with good reputation. There are all kinds of cute and practical styles. ( The ranking are listed in no particular order from Amazon)

Sturdy and durable magnetic drawing board with detachable legs, colorful screen, easy to erase.
Magnetic drawing board made of non-toxic, solid quality ABS plastic, safe and environmental, it has approved by the US Child Safety Testing. The junction between the 4 legs and doodle board is very firm, not easy fall off, don’t need to worry they will easy to broke; designed with safe rounded edges and curved pen tip, preventing your kid from potential injuries. 4 vivid colors and 4 stamps add fun to your child's drawing. Inspire kids’ creativity and imagination in the light drawing board on hand.

Size: 12.32 x 9.49 x 2.83 inches
Recommended age: 3 years +
  • SGILE Magnetic Drawing Board

Large-sized Magnetic Drawing Board provides roomy space to allow your kids to fully play with their imagination and creativity.
Size: 16 x 12 x 1 inches
Recommended age: 3 years +
  • SLHFPX Doodle Board

The size of the board is a little larger than iPad, 8.1 inch, travel size. It is a perfect fit for cars, airplanes, restaurants and on the go and you easily put it into backpack.

Size: 11.61 x 8.86 x 0.98 inches
Recommended age: 3 years +
  • LODBY Magnetic Drawing Board

This magnetic drawing board with 4 color zones to make the drawing much vivider, also helps kids with color recognition ability.

Size:  8.9 × 11.3 inches
Recommended age: 3 years +
  • Wellchild Magnetic Drawing Board

Non-BPA material toddler toys for girls boys, three different shaped stampers, each board comes with one carry bag, suitable for playing at home and outdoor travelling.

Size:  10.4 X 7.5 inches
Recommended age: 3 years +

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