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JULIOBEBE water polo balls for 3-8 years old kids gift list njoying the summer water games revelry

  • 🌊【 Cool Reusable Water Balloons Toy】new generation latex free balls,non-toxic and harmless, soft and durable, water comes out with a light touch. 3 years old and up boys and girls outdoor activities beach pool party toys, enjoy playing with water
  • 🌊【Still Worried About The Garbage Produced By Water Balls?】 Reusable summer toys of splash bombs water balls, 1 water balloon = 3000 ordinary water balloons, say goodbye to plastic debris, keep the pool clean while also saving money, is the perfect summer outdoor activities backyard party fun games toys
  • 🌊Who Doesn't Like Water Ball Fight? Water Balloon Quick Fill,one second water filling, automatic sealing, no water tap,and hold the water nicely before throwing!Convenient and creative,A fun toy for summertime and pool parties
  • 🌊【Safe Outdoor Magnetic Water Balls】new sealed, magnets are no longer exposed. A single is less than 20g happy water bomb and ssoft and skin-friendly, smooth surface, parents no longer worry about their children getting hurt,enjoying the summer water games revelry
  • 🌊【Easy-To-Carry Storage Mesh Bag】Breathable drawstring mesh bag design allows you to store and carry your pool toys better. Reusable water balloons for kids,for outdoor activities, yard, travel, beach, bath, camping,adult kids gift list 🎁

Customer Reviews

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Comparison to boogie board

I really like this device. The only thing I really have to compare it to is the boogie board. We had a boogie board in the past, and I feel like this was a better product due to several features.
- this device has a lock/unlock switch that disengages the screen reset button. This is nice because it keeps you from accidentally resetting while in the middle of using it.
- the battery is replaceable. With the boogie board, once the battery dies it cannot be replaced and becomes worthless. With kids that reset the screen a lot, it’s nice to know I can replace the battery.
- the reset on this device is a little more satisfying. I'm not sure how to describe it, but with the boogie board it would flicker as it reset the screen. With this device it just instantly clears the screen with no flicker at all. That’s not a huge deal but it’s a little more satisfying.


Pros: Easy to use and comes with battery inside the product as well as an extra. The pen comes with bungee to attach to the board as well as a holder that attaches onto the board itself. My 6 and 2.5 year old seem to enjoy them so far.
Cons: Flimsy design and the colors on the screen aren’t as indicated from the pictures the seller has posted; colors are more pastel/lighter and not rainbow. I attached pictures to show the box it comes in displaying the rainbow colors vs. the device itself.

Mama Bear Bethay
Amazing for homeschooling during Corona-Lockdown!

My friend had this at dance class and let my toddler play with it. He LOVED it, so I ordered one!

Now.. we are in covid-19 lock down and I am attempting to homeschool an eight, six and three year old while the one year old runs around screaming like a banshee and breaking things for attention. I had bought dry erase boards but TBH my kids kept leaving the caps off and they dried out, or they colored on each other or themselves.. this was such a cleaner alternative!